Welcome to the Community of the Upper Squamish Valley


Due to the COVID-19 evolving situation all scheduled events for April are being postponed. This includes Fire Practice and our Easter Celebration. There may also be road closures on weekends to enforce social distancing, contact the SLRD for more information. Stay safe !


Nestled between the Tantalus Mountain Range and Cloudburst Mountain is the community of the Upper Squamish Valley, a rural residential farming area. It extends from the First Nation reserve just past the one lane Pilchuk bridge to the beginning of the Tree farm (TFL 38) where the paved road becomes a gravel forest services road. The mile markers on the road are measured from Squamish downtown with Pilchuck Creek at mile 16 and the FSR (forest service road) starting at mile 22. Although it all looks like wilderness, almost all the land between these two points is privately owned. Please do not trespass.

Number of Residents


Upper Squamish Valley

Please respect our 50km/h speed limit


Driving through the community- please respect the posted speed of 50km/h. The main road is an active logging access road- expect logging trucks around any of the many blind corners. Also, there are herds of elk in the valley and they aren’t very smart about vehicles- there have been a number of elk collisions. There is no cell service past about 10 mile (half way through the reserve), so access to emergency services is limited.

Anderson Beach

There is a small sliver of crown land known anecdotally as Anderson Beach at the end of Magee Rd. Due to garbage, wildlife and sanitation issues and general abuse, Anderson beach is now closed to camping. There are no motorised vehicles allowed on the beach- this is strictly enforced by conservation officers. There are no outhouses or toilet facilities and no garbage receptacles or garbage pick-up.

Local Bylaws

There are a number of local bylaws here in the valley

  • No firearms discharge within the boundaries of our community- we have walkers, hikers, children, horses, livestock - please respect the residents of our valley. Hunting is allowed, in season, in the tree farm, well past the valley community
  • Noise bylaw- No excessive or late night (after 10pm) noise in this residential area
  • There is also no fire protection for the valley so please, no campfires during extreme dry conditions
  • There is excellent fishing up the FSR in the tree farm - please refer to our fishing page for more information. The community has about 167 full time residents. There are a number of farms, small business and a large campground, please click here for our business listing.

    Thank you to all visitors for treating our community with respect and consideration.