About our Internet System

In 2013 – the community got together and voted to use funds from the Ashlu Creek Foundation to build the necessary infrastructure to create a wireless bridge between the USV and town. This would allow access to terrestrial (as opposed to satellite) signal- in effect we built our own telecommunication system for delivering high speed internet!

Given the small population base of the USV, the prohibitive cost of initial infrastructure made it unfeasible to have a business plan that would attract any ISP; the big players would not entertain our enquiries or even return our calls. Only through working with a smaller, independent, forward thinking contractor were we able to jointly put together a project that would succeed. ACF paid for the initial infrastructure , with some assistance and support from CIRA, (towers, radios, etc) and Base Wireless did the installation and provided infrastructure in town.

They continue to manage the signal delivery, subscriptions and all operations.

Our Partner and ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Base Technology is an independent telecommunications provider based in BC Canada. We build networks that help our communities grow and prosper. We provide the connectivity between your critical equipment and the network. Our customers include power stations and remote communities whose power and water supplies are connected to the Internet. We build networks that help people and grow communities. With over a decade of experience in the Internet industry our specialty is wireless and wired network integration, communications between your business and the Internet of Things.

How to Subscribe

Click here to download and submit the Service agreement directly to Basewireless.

Or contact support@basewireless.com - make sure you tell them you are part of the SVN (Squamish Valley Network) as we have reduced rates and a separate system.

Rate Plans



Plan A

  • 2MB download
  • 10GB bandwidth



Plan B

  • 6MB download
  • 60GB bandwidth



Plan C

  • 7.5MB download
  • 90GB bandwidth



Plan D

  • 7.5MB download
  • 150GB bandwidth

*Additional Data Buckets Available ($10 for 10GB | $30 for 40GB | $60 for 75GB)

Upgrades and Future Plans

Base Wireless continues to explore avenues for expansion in the Squamish Area- and for the SVN – we are hoping to partner with them again to get access to the fibre signal that runs through Squamish. That would result in almost unlimited bandwidth and lightning speeds….watch this space!

Check your Internet Usage On-line

Make sure you are getting the most from your internet service.

Please go to Log in to BaseWireless.

Use your user name and password assigned to you - contact BW if you do not remember it.

Questions or Comments?

Thank you for your business. We have been working hard to provide a good high speed Internet service for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. For technical concerns please call our local number 604-932-9847 or email support@basewireless.com.

For payment and billing contact Sara at accounts@basewireless.com or you can also call or email be directly at davin@basewireless.com.