1910 I Remember - Clarence (Hank) Elmer Tatlow

Hank was very friendly with the local First Nation people. He hunted, fished, and was also a guide. The Squamish Native Indians gave him the name 'Ta Kaya' (Lone Wolf), a title he used as his pen name.

A memoir by Clarence (Hank) Tatlow about his life, mostly as a boy and young man, in the Squamish Valley

This book is not a story. It is made up of things i remember over the last seventy-five years that happened to people in the Squamish Valley, including myself...
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Note: Hank grew up with his grand parents the Wotrubas.The picture was taken in 1915 it shows Hank and his sister along with his grand parents. Same cabin below in 1993.

Peters Prize (Queen of Peace Property)

These photos and the history of this land were given to us by Kit (Kathleen) McKernan (Ryan) - read more about her. Her great grandparents, Peter and Mary Harres were homesteaders in Brackendale at the present Easter Seals Camp location (Home Place). Peter laid claim to Lot 2248 in 1898 having fallen in love with it while on a logging expedition. This was their secondary ‘camping’ spot which they called Peters Prize and it was in the family until 1972 when Helen and Dave Magee purchased it.

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