Ashlu Creek Foundation

What is the Ashlu Creek Foundation (ACF)?

In 2009, Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (Innergex) commissioned a 49.9 MW run-of river hydroelectric facility on Ashlu Creek and in the same year, founded the Ashlu Creek Foundation (ACF).

ACF is a not-for-profit organization and was established to support residents living in the remote region of Upper Squamish Valley. The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the welfare and quality of life of residents in the community. Innergex made an initial donation of $400,000 and committed to making a yearly donation of $80,000 for 20 years.

What is the Purpose of the Foundation?

Our mission statement is – working for the social welfare, civic amenities and improvement of the quality of life of the Upper Squamish Valley Community. The money that has been given to the community must be spent on community projects- no monies can be spent on personal benefit to any member, director or officer. Anyone who has an idea that would fit into this mandate can present a proposal to the board, who will in turn take it to the membership for discussion and a vote.

Who can be a Member of the Foundation?

Membership in the foundation is open to anyone who lives in the valley and anyone that owns land here. Membership entitles individuals to receive updates, newsletters and invitation to any meetings. Members are all encouraged to be actively involved in discussions and voice opinions etc. However, there is only one voting member per property. There are 82 properties in the valley- approximately 50 have residences on them- we have about 100-125 people living in the valley. More detailed explanations can be found in the constitution and bylaws.

Projects to Date

Our first big valley project has been the introduction of a land based internet system - previously, everyone was on their own with satellite servers as the only option- very frustrating and patchy. There is no reliable cell service and the telephones are on a radio link system, so communications have always been a bit problematic. ACF worked in partnership with BaseWireless to install the necessary infrastructure to create a wireless bridge to land based internet signal. The infrastructure installation happened between the years 2013-2015, with thanks to the Canadian Internet Registry Association (CIRA) for additional funding to make this possible. Basewireless continues in its role as our service provider.

Creation of valley website (2015) was achieved with funding by the Canadian Internet Registry Association (CIRA)- we thank Cira for their support and recognition of the importance of this valuable communication tool.

Purchase of valley property (legacy) (2015)

Build a utility structure at the property (Cloudburst Park) for storage and as a base for community functions, etc (2016)

Acquire a self-contained fire fighting system for the Valley- expected delivery Sept 2016. There will be a full day of professional training, familiarization, and fire drills. This involves a rapid response unit trailer with 500 gallon tank with foam dispenser, necessary hoses and pumps as a first attack, followed by a sustained attack utilising a portable, self supporting relay tank with enough pump and hose to access water from 1.2km . More info available on Fire Fighting page.


We would like to acknowledge and thank Innergex for their kind contribution and on-going support to our community.

Innergex is a leading Canadian independent renewable power producer that has been active since 1990 in developing, owning, and operating run-of-river hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, and solar photovoltaic farms. Today, Innergex carries out operations in Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Idaho, USA. In British Columbia, Innergex operates 13 hydro facilities, and has four under construction. Innergex strives for sustainability in all aspects of its business: the energy they produce, the contribution they make to local communities, the revenues generated, and the returns provided to investors. For more information, please visit